Tiny Acts of Love – Lucy Lawrie


Arriving home with her new baby daughter Sophie, employment lawyer Cassie opens her email to find she has 104 new messages in her inbox, all with the subject ’48 Stitches Later’.

To Cassie’s horror, her overly-excited husband Jonathan has sent a grisly blow-by-blow account of Cassie’s labour – plus attached photo – to everyone in her contacts list, including her clients!

Bizarre events follow. Amid mood swings, post-natal hypochondria and the side effects of the fated email, who saunters into her world again but her sexy, swaggering ex-boyfriend Malkie – the one who got away? !

Is she strong enough to face everything her new life has to throw at her? And will tiny acts of love be enough to help her cope with it all? Funny, perceptive and real, Tiny Acts of Love portrays the rawness of motherhood, the flipside of love and the powerful lure of paths not taken. A funny, romantic novel.

I was sent an advance copy of this debut novel by Edinburgh based employment lawyer Lucy Lawrie in return for an honest review. 

I finished the book in three days and considering I work full-time and barely have time to read at the moment  I MADE time for this book. Straight away Lucy’s writing style appealed to me, it was friendly and colloquial and a breath of fresh air after reading some tough books previously (not for reviewing purposes!)

Being Scottish I have a special interest in any books with a Scottish link and not only is Tiny Acts of Love written by a Scottish author, it is also set in Edinburgh. One thing that really made me smile is that Lucy managed to fit in the word “shoogle” – “Sophie’s body shoogled against me as she flapped her arms vigorously…” Shoogle is, incidentally, one of my favourite Scottish words, and to those who are unaware, it means ‘to shake, sway or rock back and forth.’ 

Tiny Acts of Love takes us through the first year or so of Cassie’s life as a new mother, how it affects her relationship with her husband, Jonathan, what happens when her ex reappears, how she deals with work, postnatal hypochondria, Babycraft meetings and all the other things that come her way. This might sound pretty run-of-the-mill and it is – for the best part, most of the things could happen to anyone – but that’s what makes this book so readable. Yes, I read to escape from reality, but I want it to be believable too sometimes.

With so many things happening in Cassie’s life, the pace is quick and the chapters are short, making the book very easy to read quickly when commuting. 

There are laugh out loud parts and parts that will bring a tear to your eye. Tiny Acts of Love  reiterates the fact that life isn’t always going to be exciting and we can’t always live in the past. It makes you feel like you should take each day for what it is, treasure all the small things and love those you share your life with because you just never know when it all might change. 

A warm, fuzzy debut which kept me hooked and smiling. I really look forward to reading more of Lucy Lawrie’s work and wish her all the success in the world with Tiny Acts of Love.

If you’re keen to purchase Tiny Acts of Love, it is released TODAY – click the book cover at the top for more details.

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