The Bad Girls’ Club – Kathryn O’Halloran

Bad Girls' Club

When Imogen, Juliette and Beth are seated together at a wedding, they have nothing in common but their resentment of the bride, Poppy. A risque prank draws them together and they decide to form the Bad Girls Club – a last ditch effort to free them from the shackles of keeping themselves nice.

The Bad Girls’ Club is a ‘girl power’ story about three girls determined to spice up their lives (Apologies for the Spice Girls references) after they meet at the worst wedding ever.

Imogen, Juliette and Beth are all very different characters and initially it seems like the group of new-found-friends doesn’t work, but it does. Over time the girls get to know more about each other, they forget about their hang-ups and they become true friends and as a reader you see that growth. How does it happen? Well, all through a grown up game of dares.

The girls were all fed up with their own lives for various reasons from their weight, to lack of job satisfaction, to being unhappy in a relationship. Most readers will empathise with at least one of the girls. They decide to take matters into their own hands and set dares for each other at their weekly meetings, causing them to realise that life is more fun when you’re bad.

The Bad Girls’ Club is erotic chick-lit. Having avoided the Fifty Shades of Grey books, I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy this book, but it was so well written that the sex scenes seemed like a natural progression of the story and I actually enjoyed every part of it.

Although I enjoy chick-lit, some books can seem rather ‘samey’ but I never really knew where The Bad Girls’ Club was going to go next…such a refreshing change.

I loved the ending and the book seemed to be over in a flash because I couldn’t put it down.

The Bad Girls’ Club is Kathryn O’Halloran’s debut novel and what a fantastic start! I genuinely look forward to reading more from her in future.

If you’re keen to purchase The Bad Girls’ Club, please click the book cover at the top for further details.


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